Artifact at 777 is Under New Ownership but you can still shop online!


Before the summer season began, Tonya and I decided that we were to move away from the Gettysburg area.  This, in turn, led to the decision to close or sell the shop.  As of August 1st, Artifact at 777 has been under new ownership.  But you can still shop online for a large variety of Civil War artifacts at .  It is likely that a variety of other items, including ancient artifacts, will be added to our online catalog in the near future, so be sure to check it out!

Artifact at 777, located at 777 Baltimore Street in Gettysburg right across the street from the Gettysburg Tour Center and the Jennie Wade House, offers a unique shopping experience that will appeal to a wide variety of interests.  Although we have been open for only a short time, visitors have praised us as the “coolest shop they have ever been in” and have compared the experience to visiting a museum where they can actually buy the items that are on display!  We have an interesting selection of Civil War, medieval and ancient artifacts, beautiful handcrafted jewelry produced using ancient beads, meteorites, Moldavite and even dinosaur bones, stunning photographs taken at Gettysburg and other interesting locations and much more!

We have Civil War artifacts from a wide variety of battlefields and sites – each comes with a handwritten card describing where it was found.  We strive to preserve the historical context of ever artifact that we sell so that its significance remains connected to the relic.  Many of our Civil War items are displayed in baskets and come neatly packaged making it easy for adults and kids alike to find the exact item that they are looking for.  Several display cases house an interesting selection of rarer and more unusual items, including relics from the famous Rosensteel Collection of Gettysburg.

We have a display case housing Ancient Roman, Viking and medieval rings, pendants and artifacts as well as Native American items.  Several display cases highlight our beautiful jewelry creations.  Looking for earrings made from Ancient Egyptian beads or Ancient Roman glass?  We have them.  Looking for a meteorite piece or dinosaur bone that you can wear around your neck?  They are here as well.  The historically themed pieces of jewelry are complimented by a diverse selection of pendants and earrings created with semi-precious stones and a wide array of our popular handcrafted leather bracelets.  If you like unique jewelry, you definitely will not be disappointed!

We also have an interesting display of fossils, including large megalodon teeth that are acquired directly from the diver who finds them, and meteorites.   There are also Civil War letters, historical documents, dive-recovered artifacts, selections of original art and much, much more!  You will not be disappointed!

The next time you are in Gettysburg be sure to stop by, even if it is just to browse and talk!

For those of you who are interested in Civil War artifacts, be sure to visit our Gettysburg Relics online store.

Shop in Our Online Catalog!

Can’t make it to Gettysburg?  Shop in our online catalog where you can find a selection of items that we offer in our store including hand.  Just click the link at the top of the main page.  New items will be added in the coming weeks and the catalog will always be updated regularly.  You can also use this link to access our Gettysburg Relics online catalog of Civil War artifacts that cannot be found in the store.  Items from either catalog may be combined in your shopping bag.